Fantastic Fashion

The Imagine Film Festival theme of the 2017 edition is Fantastic Fashion. In a wide ranging and varied theme program, Imagine will focus on the role costumes and styling play in creating a fantastic illusion. Besides an extensive film program, there will be a large fringe program with domestic and foreign guests.

Dutch fashion designers at EYE on  Art 

For the third consecutive time, EYE and Imagine will jointly organise a special Imagine edition of EYE on Art, the programme at the intersection of film and art. The spotlight will be turned on two young Dutch fashion designers, whose aesthetics closely match fantastic film and who also make films themselves:  Esther Dorhout Mees  and  Jacob Kok. They talk about their fashion and films, and along with their own films they will also show older material that places their work in a historical context.

Wonder Woman is a superheroine whose looks have changed quite drastically over the years. Her personality changed along with them, from sexy heroine to fierce woman to power girl. She was even ambassador of the United Nations for a short while. Canadian historian, author and blogger Tim Hanley has published extensively about Wonder Woman and will talk about the turbulent history of this superheroine in his lecture. 

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Masterclass Costume Design by Lindy Hemming

We are very proud to welcome costume designer  Lindy Hemming (1948)  as a guest of honour during Fantastic Film Festival 2017. The costume designer and Oscar winner made costumes for the James Bond films Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day and Casino Royale. She also worked on The Dark Knight and the latest  Wonder Woman  film During the festival she will present a masterclass and exhibit a selection of sketches.

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Fashion Shorts

Short fashion films are a genre all by themselves, and together with the Fashion Film Festival in Berlin, Imagine will screen an international selection of fashion films. One of them is Odyssey by Nicolas Winding Refn (from Drive) and you can also see Christopher Walken in a series of short films made for a famous clothing brand.

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The symposium The Costume of the Future will examine the role new technological developments play in the designing and making of costumes and how they affect designers, filmmakers and actors/actresses. Guests are Dutch designer Ellen Lens (Brimstone), Italian-American costume concept artist Luca Nemolato (The Hunger Games) and former fashion journalist Pauline Terreehorst. The moderator is Marketa Uhlirova, director of the Fashion on Film Festival in London, among other things. This symposium is organised in collaboration with students of the master’s course Fashion and Film of the UvA.

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Masterclass Costume Concept Art door Luca Nemolato

Luca Nemolato will give a masterclass at Imagine, which will focus on his digital costume designs as well as his concept designs for Westworld,  The Conjuring, The Circle and The Mummy, among others.

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Mask Making Workshop

You can also create things yourself at Imagine: Dutch performer and artist Carmen Schabracq will host a mask making workshop at the festival. Besides getting extensive backgrounds on masks, this will above all be a chance to get creative yourself!

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